Yay Games!

23 Feb

February EGP – ASCII

Well this month no images allowed, only characters you find in the ascii table!

So this month is more of an experiment in presentation than gameplay.

Somehow (and with no explanation or introduction) you have been turned into a letter and dumped in a world where things are made from the words of their names.

Collect the puzzle pieces to make good your escape!


Water! Splash!

Windows user can download here. (Just unzip and run ascii.exe).

Linux and Mac users (and windows users) can also run it using Löve2D version 0.7.*

Download the .love game file here.

31 Jan

January EGP – Inanimate

Nothing for a while! And phew, almost didn’t finish this one too. Still pretty rough but it’ll have to do

As for the theme, inanimate, well the ‘blahs’ (yes I forgot to come up with a name) have been frozen and rendered inanimate!



31 Aug

August EGP – No Buttons

Ok, managed to finish just in time, but didn’t put much time into this one at all. Was too busy reading on best rated dive watches for men.

Horrible lack of polish!


24 Aug

Ludum Dare 18

I participated in the Ludum Dare Jam this weekend with a few guys from the LÖVE community.

Lazy so I’ll just post a link to the post on the Ludum Dare site for now!

25 Jul

June/July EGP – Casual Addiction

Didn’t quite get my April submission finished (though I may finish it sometime anyway) and didn’t even try for May, but here is my Experimental Gameplay Project submission for June/July.

The link to the theme however is pretty tenuous, I thought it up whilst sitting next to bubble wrap. I figured popping bubble wrap was casually addicting, so I set out to make a game about popping bubbles!,  

In case anyone's interested, the perfect diving spots I found inspired me! Those best mens diving watch totally paid off! I also learned a lot from https://scubalist.pro/best-dive-computer-reviews. Check it out!


Apparently only the heads of adult jellyfish can pop bubbles!


14 Mar

March EGP – 10 Seconds

After failing to finish my February game, I have managed to complete March’s! Yay!

It is a very simple game, done in a day or two.


Get those greens! Quick!


03 Feb

Experimental Gameplay Project

I decided to try and start participating in the Experimental Gameplay Project.

Seems like it’ll be good practice and fun.

I was working on a little game where you’re a dragon, burning shit! But little monthly games seem like a nice distraction.

Firey Dragon